Destination: Motherhood

The title of my blog is “From Here to Motherhood” because I started it when I was struggling to conceive. The journey was taking longer than anticipated and I needed an outlet for all of the emotions and experiences I was going through. I hoped with all of my being that the destination would be motherhood, but I was often worried that I wouldn’t get there. Well now, I can thankfully say that we have reached the destination.

I haven’t been very active on this blog since L was born. The reason is two-fold: I don’t have much, if any, free time and I don’t have the same need or energy to post. I may pop up from time to time if the desire strikes or maybe at another point, I’ll start a new blog, either out of desperation (as was the case with this one) or simple creative yearnings, but given the nature of this blog, I think it has come to its natural conclusion. Thank you to everyone who has read along with my journey, especially to those who offered words of encouragement and comfort during the dark times and who celebrated with me during the joyous times. At many points, I think this blog helped keep me sane and from feeling alone in my struggles. By writing this blog, it also introduced me to amazing women who were sharing their own stories of infertility. I truly appreciated everyone’s candor, vulnerability, humor, strength, and stories of inspiration and hope. I will keep you all in my thoughts and heart as you continue on your own journey.


4 thoughts on “Destination: Motherhood

  1. I’m so glad you reached your destination and that a new sort of journey has begun for you. Thank you for all the support you offered to me along the way and I wish you nothing but love and joy in all the days ahead.

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