Third Trimester

As a follow up to Lest I Forget, I thought I would recap my third trimester experiences and symptoms.

  • Aches have continued. My tailbone sometimes downright hurts when I get out of my office chair. My feet are pretty much a constant. Prenatal massages every 3-4 weeks helps though.
  • Heartburn – it woke me up a few times
  • Harder to sleep, definitely feeling really fatigued again
  • Woke up with dried colostrum on my nipple a couple times
  • Harder to move around, hurts to bend at the waist, and to pick anything small up off the ground, I need to take a knee  – resulted in strained ACL
  • I felt so hot during the summer and most of September, and not in a sexy way. We turned the fan on full blast at night and while J covered up and shivered, I couldn’t get the blankets far enough away from me. For once, I was wishing for colder weather to return.
  • I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. I started wearing a wrist brace, but it makes it harder to fall asleep on the nights when I’m feeling particularly uncomfortable.
  • Lots more pelvic pressure – sometimes it feels like my groin is ripping apart and every little movement is painful. I wonder if it might be Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.
  • Night sweats – maybe they’ve been around for awhile but now that the weather is cooler, I can recognize them for what they are and not just because I’m always hot!
  • Super stuffed up which leads to frequent, loud snoring. J has considered sleeping in the spare room more than once.
  • The days of little, almost imperceptible kicks are gone. I can now feel the baby moving often and sometimes I can feel  poking out the side of my stomach. If I put my hand on top, I can even feel her “slither” down the side of my uterus. Also, her kicks and rolls are large enough that I can often see them. It’s my mission to get J to see them too since he is either out of the room or looking away whenever it happens!

In my second trimester, once my bump was clearly showing, but I was still quite mobile, I said that I couldn’t imagine not being pregnant. I was loving the freedom to eat what I want (and I definitely over indulged) and my new belly was a source of pride. Now that I’m into my third trimester, I can see why people want to give the baby an eviction notice and why people lament to have their old bodies back.


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