How am I feeling? Huge!

My husband is 6’4″. I am 5’2″ (and a half). We now weigh the same.

I have said before that I definitely indulged during this pregnancy. Basically every craving for fast food, chocolate, cake, and chips was satiated. So I’ve totally done it to myself. But knowing that I’ve actually managed to put on so much weight that I have caught up to (and might even surpass) J is a little disconcerting. I also thought that I was avoiding stretch marks, but I was wrong. My mom didn’t have any with me and she gained 40 lbs, so genetics was on my side. I’ve gained 46 lbs as of the last time I checked and although I feel like a beached whale, I didn’t see any stretch marks so I was happy. However, I decided to look at my underbelly with a mirror and there they were. Definitely worth it and again, likely my own doing by gaining so much weight so fast, but I couldn’t help but think that I might become a one-piece wearer for life. Small price to pay though and only a little while to go.


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