Eighth (and Final?) Ultrasound

I have had more ultrasounds than the average prego for a few different reasons. First, I had a dating ultrasound because I always found I ovulated late while TTC and also because I needed the reassurance that there really was a baby growing in there. The second ultrasound was the first trimester screening/nuchal translucency scan. The third ultrasound was at 18 weeks for the anatomy scan and to determine gender. Those are all pretty standard, though not everyone goes through all of them.

Because our little jujube isn’t usually the most cooperative during ultrasounds, the tech couldn’t get enough measurements of her spine or heart during the anatomy scan. This led to ultrasound 4 at 20 weeks. We also wanted to experience a 3D ultrasound (#5), so we booked that for 29 weeks. Because ultrasounds 3 and 4 showed a low lying placenta, ultrasound 6 was scheduled for 31 weeks. My placenta was still too low during ultrasound 6, so I was sent back for #7 at 33 weeks and that stubborn placenta had moved out of the way. As much as I love seeing our little girl and knowing everything is looking like it should on the inside, it was getting harder to actually see a baby on the screen (too squished) and I didn’t want to be excessive with ultrasounds even though everything indicates that they are quite safe. But then there was the painful and ineffective cervical check and #8 was scheduled.

So yesterday, I was sent to a different radiology place and it had the nicest waiting room and decor of any lab/clinic I’ve been to. The place specifically specialized in Maternal Fetal Medicine. A nurse called me in first, asked a few questions, and took my blood pressure. I am thrilled to announce that it is back into the good range (110/70)! Although it was always good to normal, I got scared by the jump and the fact that it was pretty close to hypertension at its highest. So the trip to the clinic was worth it just for that! Then the ultrasound tech called me in for the ultrasound. Baby is still head down and apparently the tech was able to tell that she has some hair, although how much remains unknown. Finally, a doctor met me in a consult room (the only other time this happened was following the NT scan) and told me that the baby is developing well and they estimate that she weighs around 7 lbs. He said that if I go to my due date, he estimates that the baby will be in the low 8 pound range. So she’s at the 75th percentile, but nowhere near her dad’s mammoth 10 lbs, 8 ounces! All the results were good and I left there feeling pretty happy, but I do hope that we’re done with the ultrasounds and the next time I see our little girl, she’s safely in my arms.


3 thoughts on “Eighth (and Final?) Ultrasound

  1. I’ve had 8 ultrasounds in this pregnancy, too! They’re fun, but they sure do take a lot of time… I’m so glad everything is looking so good, though. That’s exactly how it should be. Your daughter will be here in no time!

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