The cost of infertility

I appreciate any well-researched, informed article on infertility, including articles from the financial perspective. It seems that the vast majority of the articles quote figures for IVF + meds that are less than what we were quoted. Although the totals are still crushing, I always want to shout out that it could be even more per cycle.

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Would you invest $100,000 of your life savings with a 50% to 75% chance of losing your money and receiving zero return?

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0926ivfProvinces will pay to investigate infertility and perform some surgeries; but few pay for treatments.

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What if the return was a life? How much would you spend for the chance to have a child? What is it worth to you to expand your family?

Thousands of Canadian couples are faced with this dilemma — an estimated 11.5% to 15.7% of couples face infertility, notes a 2012 Vanier Institute of the Family report — and the compulsion to gamble everything is great, given the reward. Infertility doesn’t discriminate. It often arrives unannounced, leaving couples unprepared for the hefty financial implications. To pay for fertility treatments, people take out second mortgages on their homes. They clean out their savings.

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