The Countdown is ON!

Ok, I’m really only 35 weeks, 2 days, but I am counting down for a few reasons. One is pure excitement to meet our baby! I am nervous about labor and all the new responsibilities and lack of sleep we’ll have, but the excitement far outweighs that.

Another reason for the countdown is that the third trimester has been the most uncomfortable for me by far and I do find myself looking forward to getting my body back and increasing my mobility. I have gained 41 pounds so far, which is totally due to my excess, although if what I’ve read about heredity mattering more than diet is true, I was destined to gain 40 pounds anyway. Even so, my 5’2.5″ frame is definitely not meant to carry this much weight around and I hope that I will never weigh this much without being pregnant.

A third reason is that I am so ready to start mat leave. Well in actuality, I have some client reports to finish, but I have been under extra stress at work lately to the point that my doctor started writing me a note to stop work effective yesterday. I stopped her and asked her to let me try (yet again) to get my boss to understand so that I could carry on with my original plan of making Oct. 18th my last day. I met with my boss and I think things will be ok now, but I’m looking forward to a year away from my office.

And speaking of stress, my blood pressure is much higher than it’s ever been before. In the first and second trimester, I was consistently 100/60, a wonderful number! Two weeks ago, I was 110/60 – still perfectly good. Yesterday, I was 130/80. It’s in the normal range, but according to one website I checked to help me interpret it, it’s prehypertensive. So my worry is that it will continue to rise and cause risks/problems. So if we can get to full-term and have this baby sooner rather than later, there’s less time for me to do damage.

This pregnancy has felt both fast and slow. I’m amazed at all the changes that seem to take place quickly and the fact that we’re already at 35 weeks, but at the same time, it is also hard to remember that I was ever not pregnant. I’m hoping the next ~5 weeks will be on the quick side rather than dragging!


8 thoughts on “The Countdown is ON!

  1. 35 weeks! You really are getting so close. Hang in there and just enjoy these last few weeks the best you can. They’ll be over before you know it!

    • Thank you! I’m mainly counting down to mat leave and then I think I’ll just be eagerly awaiting LO’s arrival. I’m so over work at the moment, but I do not wish to rush anything for the baby because she can take whatever time she needs. I just hope to keep my bp from rising so I don’t hurt her at all!

  2. My BP is messed up so they’re going to induce on my due date if it doesn’t go crazy between now and then. I’ve got 5 weeks and 4 days left until then! It’s coming up fast!

    • Do you mind me asking what kind of numbers you’re getting? I know my numbers are still in the normal/prehypertension range, but the fact that they jumped for the first time ever (that I know of) scares me. I’m worried they will keep soaring.

      • I’m mostly getting 140s/90s with the occasional spike into the 150s/100s and dips into the 130s/80s. Your numbers sound okay but since it’s a jump from where you were than I think you have a reason to be concerned. Mine has stayed stable so my OB has said that as long as it doesn’t rise and stay consistently in the 150s/100s than we can wait until my due date to induce. Have you bought a home BP cuff? I would suggest looking into getting one of those to check your BP at home. Also, watch for headaches, dizziness, and vision problems. Those can be the early signs of pre-eclampsia. I’m hoping your BP drops or stays steady though!

      • I haven’t bought a BP cuff, but there is one at the pharmacy down the street from my house so I plan to check it regularly. I will definitely keep an eye on the other symptoms. I’m hoping that my BP will have dropped again by my next doctor’s appointment (Tuesday) or at least doesn’t rise. Thanks and good luck to you!

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