Looks like I’ll be pushing . . .

I had a follow-up ultrasound today to check on the status of my low lying placenta. First off, it moved so it looks like I won’t need a scheduled c-section after all! Also, the baby’s head is down (I totally thought she was still transverse from the movements that keep getting stronger and stronger). I am 33 weeks, 4 days but apparently baby is measuring at 34 weeks, 1 day. They also estimated that she weighs 5 pounds. I was born at full-term weighing 5 lbs, 6 oz and J was 10 lbs, 8 oz, so Lyla is on track to be in between, around 8.5 lbs. Of course, those are just estimates and I’ve heard they can be quite off.

So everything is sounding and looking good. I think I was so resolved to the idea of a c-section that I started to fear labor and vaginal delivery, but that is what I really wanted before. I also think I’m getting more fearful as it gets closer to being a reality. At one point I said that I would try to go without an epidural but play it by ear and not be upset with myself if I needed one. I can almost guarantee you that I will ask for one, but we’ll see. I’ll still try to hold out, at least at first, to see if I can manage. J and I start prenatal classes this Saturday, so hopefully we’ll learn good natural pain-relief techniques and maybe feeling more prepared will calm my fears. It’s just one of those things that you’ll never truly know what it’s like until you experience it and everyone’s experience and pain tolerance is different.


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