Entering A New Decade

Monday was my 30th birthday. At one point, I was feeling a bit bummed about my birthday, not because I was turning 30, but because I felt like it would be just any other day. Growing up, we always made a big deal out of my birthday. I am an only child, so that is probably why. Anyway, I would have a party, my parents and I would go out to the restaurant of my choice for dinner, and we would celebrate with my mom’s family when we vacationed with them and again with my dad’s family when we drove 12 hours every summer to go visit them. I usually had 3 birthday cakes as a result. So my birthday was not simply a day, but a series of events!

J’s family never made a huge deal out of birthdays, so for years, my birthday has been calmer. Adult life and living apart from most of my friends probably contribute to that as well. That’s fine, but I wanted to commemorate my 30th birthday with a little something extra. As happy and grateful as I am to be pregnant, I couldn’t help but think about how my previous ideas were out the window. I couldn’t really have some kind of drunken party (well I could have, but I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it) and any trip I could think of was inappropriate (e.g., Disney World, Vegas). I was especially feeling sorry for myself because J went to Vegas with his best friend and to his first UFC event (he’s a huge fan) for his 30th.

Anyway, I got over feeling sorry for myself. After all, I have the best present in the world by getting to experience my dream of pregnancy and, soon, motherhood. Then, I made the decision that we should have a date day that I had wanted to have for awhile. There’s this mall that is out of the way (technically out of the city) and it has a big movie theater with a fun looking arcade attached. The arcade isn’t just your typical movie theater arcade with some racing and shooting games. It has games like skee ball and wack-a-mole. I thought it would be a fun, playful thing to do, a sort of “anti-30” birthday. So we played a bunch of games, went to see the movie Elysium, and capped off the night with pizza. It was a fun day! We did that on Saturday.

Unfortunately, on my actual birthday, I woke up at 4:45 am with horrible heartburn. It was so bad that I threw up. I chalked it up to pregnancy symptoms and later did a little research to find out that when the baby and uterus squish the stomach in the third trimester, heartburn and vomiting can happen. I kept vomiting though and it was uncontrollable. Add in some diarrhea and it turned out I had the flu. I realized I’d have to take the day off work, but I needed to access client files so I could cancel my appointments (no one else has a key to my desk). J didn’t trust me to drive myself since I couldn’t stop heaving long enough, so he drove me to my office. We were almost there when I realized I didn’t have my keys (couldn’t believe it!). He was very patient with me and turned around without complaint. Once we got the keys, we made the trek back to my office and he waited for me to call my clients. He ended up leaving for his work 2 hours late (which would normally drive him nuts) and I made my way to the couch in the basement where it was nice and cool. I spent the rest of the day and evening sleeping and puking. I think I set a personal record for the number of times I puked in a day. Not ideal, but I suppose I will remember my 30th birthday!


2 thoughts on “Entering A New Decade

  1. Change isn’t easy, but the 30s are wonderful, just takes some getting used to. Congrats on your baby growing inside you, being a father is the most fulfilling think I’ve ever done and ever will do :)

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