Luxurious Milkshakes

Ok I know I talked about needing to eat sweets in moderation, but now that I was cleared of GD, I plan on carrying out something I had been planning to do all summer. There is this local eatery that has been here since 1964: Peter’s Drive In. It is known for its milkshakes and you can mix and match flavors. So my coworkers and I planned on going there for lunch one time this summer. I have never actually been there, so I am very much looking forward to trying one of the milkshakes. Now the “problem” is that I don’t know what flavor to get because there are several combos that sound good to me but I won’t be making this a regular treat so I need to pick just one. Help me decide!


2 thoughts on “Luxurious Milkshakes

  1. What are the combos you want to try? I love milkshakes but Turkey doesn’t like sweets so I’ll have to wait until he’s born to have one.

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