Let’s Go To The Movies

It’s been awhile (well, months) since there’s been a movie I’ve been eagerly awaiting. I love movies and J and I watch a lot. We have made a point of going to the theater a lot this summer because we won’t have the same freedom to go once the baby arrives. Even though I have seen movies I liked and have been in the mood to go see movies, I don’t remember the last movie that I was excited to see based on the trailers. Now there are two that were recently featured on Lainey Gossip: 12 Years A Slave and Mandela. The acting looks so strong and the premises are so powerful. I have always been interested in Nelson Mandela and I probably have a romanticized, idealized version of him built up in my head, but he’s always been someone I admire. Add Idris Elba to the mix and I’m sold! The stacked cast of 12 Years A Slave is very promising. I have a thing for Michael Fassbender as well so for that alone I’d probably go see it, but my interest definitely transcends his appeal and I doubt I’ll be thinking “eye candy” while watching it. Since I was young, I’ve been interested in stories of slavery as I find myself very moved and impassioned by issues of human rights and equality.

Now on the purely eye candy front, I do want to see Pacific Rim as it includes Idris Elba (again!) and my number 1 celeb object of lust: Charlie Hunnam (those who watch Sons of Anarchy will understand and those who have to google him probably won’t since he’s much hotter in action than in candid photos). But I can’t say I’m truly excited to see it or I’m expecting a masterpiece of cinema.


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