Which Spelling?

I wasn’t originally planning to post the name we’ve picked for our baby girl, but my friends who read my blog mostly know and the rest of you won’t spoil it on facebook so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

J and I had our boy name selected for years, even before TTC was really on the horizon. One night J suggested it when we were talking in bed before going to sleep and I liked the flow of it. It’s stuck ever since. We’ve batted a few girl names around over the years and once it came time to legitimately discuss names, I told J my 2 favorites and he told me which one he preferred. By that time we had already discussed so many names that it was easy and J said he wasn’t likely to suggest girl names, but rather to veto or approve ones I suggested. So, as soon as we learned that we were having a girl, we knew her name: Lyla Juliet(te).

Recently we were discussing the spelling of her middle name. I had assumed we were going with Juliet. It’s the anglo spelling and it’s the spelling used in Romeo & Juliet. J had assumed we were going with Juliette. J’s main concern is with using the most expected spelling. He wants people to know how to spell it rather than needing to constantly correct people, so he told me to make a poll to get people’s opinions. Really, most people will never have cause to spell her middle name and both spellings are perfectly acceptable, but I like a baby name poll, so I’m all over this. Please help us decide.


2 thoughts on “Which Spelling?

  1. I like Lyla Juliet. Adding the “te” makes it a little too long of a middle name for my taste. I love it though!

  2. I would go with “Juliette” because that is the traditional French spelling of the name. But it’s really up to the both of you, “Juliet” is equally as lovely and has Shakespearean connotations so would work just as well.

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