Another Sophie Kinsella Novel

I had 2 Sophie Kinsella novels downloaded for my trip to Mexico, but I never got the chance to read either there. I recently decided to read them back to back instead of adding more to my credit card bill. If you regularly follow this blog, you probably read about how I am always internally yelling at the main characters to just come clean with whatever lie they keep getting more and more tangled up in. This time, it was a bit different.

I just finished I Got Your Number. I thought it was going to be entertaining, as usual, but also following the same formula. It started out with a lie/cover up and I assumed that would play out through the whole book. However, it was wrapped up by the halfway point and the story continued in another direction. Maybe it’s the hormones, but I found myself caught up in the love story. Maybe it’s because I met J through online dating and we spent hours trading MSN messages in the beginning; maybe that allowed me to truly know the excitement of waiting for a new message to pop up and smiling to myself as I thought of a clever or flirtatious reply. Whatever the reason, I was eager to keep reading and find out how it ended, so much so that I went to bed at 10pm on Saturday but did not go to sleep until I finished the book at 12:30am (even though I was quite tired at 10!). I think that the last Sophie Kinsella book I read, The Undomestic Goddess, didn’t provide the same enjoyment because it became too much of the same and it had the unfortunate chance of being the last Sophie Kinsella book I had read. I think I had started to doubt that I would continue to like her books as much, but I Got Your Number renewed my interest. Still, it’s a light read and I would recommend it if that’s what you’re looking for rather than a literary masterpiece.


2 thoughts on “Another Sophie Kinsella Novel

  1. I love her books but I’ve gotten a bit bored with them lately. I first started reading her eons ago with the Shopaholic series — “Finnish Finnish Finnish” — I will have to check out I’ve Got Your Number. Thanks!

  2. Oh dang! I’m reading I’ve Got Your Number right now. I totally quit reading SK’s books (the shopaholic series) because I got so tired of the same things happening over and over. Oddly, I feel this main character is kind of the same. Maybe since it’s been a while since I’ve read one of her books, I’ll enjoy it! :)

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