Take your final guesses; it’s time to reveal the baby’s sex!

** Disclaimer: Over the top pregnancy-related gushing post **

We found out the baby’s sex on Friday, but I had a plan for how I was going to announce it to coworkers on Monday, so I held off on posting this until now.

We didn’t have a gender reveal party since we have absolutely no family in the city or even the province and we only have a scattering of close friends here. Instead, I whipped up some cake pops and put them in the staff room at my work as I am friendly with many people at work and I wanted to do something fun to tell people what we’re having.

I dyed the cake and icing with food coloring and used vibrant green candy melts for coating. Here are some pictures of the finished cake pops:

gender reveal 3

So as you can see, we’re having a GIRL!!!!! I am excited and absolutely love the idea of a little girl and getting to experience things like prom dress shopping, tea parties, mother-daughter spa days, wedding planning, etc. I love girly girl stuff! Of course she may be more of a tomboy, but it’s all good. At the same time, part of me is sad to miss out on the experiences of having a little boy. But I can’t have them both since I’m only carrying one baby.

Now that we know, it feels like the real planning and preparing for baby can begin. On the weekend, we picked up our travel system: Britax B-Agile with Britax B-Safe car seat. Next weekend, we plan to pick up the crib and dresser that we want, the Baby Cache Montana in Driftwood. They are even on sale right now. I love it when progress is being made and things are coming together!


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