Gender Predictions

We have our anatomy scan tomorrow and as long as baby cooperates, we’ll be finding out the sex! Everyone at work tells me they think I’m having a boy and only three people (2 friends and J) have predicted a girl. Just for fun, I thought I’d post the results of gender prediction old wives’ tales.

  • My feet are no colder than before – Girl
  • I seem to be carrying low – Boy
  • Needle on a string – back and forth, Boy
  • If you’re craving sweets – I crave sweet and salty, so I think it’s a tie
  • Baby’s heart rate is over 140 (in the mid-150s) – Girl
  • I don’t think my nose is widening – Girl
  • Acne/definitely not more beautiful- Girl (she’s stealing my beauty, as they say)
  • The expectant father is not gaining weight like me – Girl
  • Chinese birth charts – Boy
  • Hair on my legs is growing faster – Boy
  • The maternal grandmother has gray hair – Boy
  • Prefer sleeping on my right side (which is new) – Girl
  • Age at conception was odd and month was even – Boy
  • Not that queasy- Boy

So, the grand total is . . . . 7 for Boy and 6 for Girl. Pretty much a toss up, which is pretty fitting since there is a 50/50 chance by pure probability. Hopefully I’ll have answers tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Gender Predictions

  1. People have said the same to me, loads have said it’s a boy, only two have said girl. I’ve had a feeling mines a boy since the beginning. No real indicators, just a feeling. Got my gender scan in two weeks. Good luck for yours, very exciting time!!!

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