Baby Brain

I just burst into tears because my husband said that I’m hard to talk to tonight because I keep getting confused, using unclear language, etc. We were trying to figure out if the furniture we want for the nursery will fit and since drawing land boundary plans is part of his job, he grabbed some graph paper, a ruler, and some cardboard and made a to-scale 2D replica of the room and furniture. He was talking about the height of the dresser (i.e., how far off the ground it is), but because I was looking at a 2D picture, when he said the dresser was shorter than the window I was confused because it seemed longer in the diagram. Anyway, it was silly and once I realized the confusion, I laughed and cried simultaneously. I laughed at myself, but bawled because baby brain has definitely been affecting me and it often makes me feel less efficient at my job. Plus, I’ve felt more irritable and moody the last couple days, so I think I just needed that release.


2 thoughts on “Baby Brain

  1. aww baby brain gets us all, i’m 19 weeks and i’ve got it bad
    at least you can have a giggle about it and feel better :)

  2. I had baby brain before I got pregnant. I just didn’t know what to call it. My SIL has already been regaling me with stories of her mommy brain so it must not get any better. Kids are just little brain-sucking midgets.

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