The Undomestic Goddess

I recently finished Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. I started reading Sophie Kinsella through the Shopaholic series. Her books are a light read that I find to be perfect for sitting poolside on vacation. Undomestic Goddess is not one of the Shopaholic series, but it is equally light. Although I enjoy Sophie Kinsella’s books, they are all very similar in that the protagonist is always a woman who gets herself into a whole mess by not telling the truth. She always tries to find a way out of some problem by twisting the truth more and more. I find myself cringing and “telling” the characters to just fess up because it would solve so many problems. However, then there would be no books. Instead a new lie needs to be told in order to keep up the charade and the character digs herself into even bigger trouble. In the end, the truth always comes out and things work out, but it is usually such a mess before it gets to that point. It’s entertaining to be along for the ride, but in my personal life I try to keep the chaos to a minimum and am an honest person, so I could not imagine getting myself into similar situations. I guess that is something to be thankful for :)


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