Husband Has Found The Humor In My Pregnancy

Tonight, J turned to me, looked at my bump, and humorously said, “You’ve gained a little weight.” The other night he asked me if I had started wearing any “pregnant clothes” yet. I laughed and looked up at him incredulously. He was able to correctly assume from this that I was, in fact, dressed head-to-toe in maternity clothes. I informed him that I have been almost exclusively wearing maternity clothes for about a month. When we started driving, he noticed that my seat belt was under my belly (as is the correct position) and thought it was funny that my belly poked out over it.

J’s humorous response to my changing body is more giddy and amazed than teasing. It has led to talking to and about the baby more. I think by seeing my belly grow, and being told that the baby can apparently hear now, he feels that he is able to interact with the baby more. This makes me extremely happy! Although I know he was always happy about having a child, I think it was more of an abstract, removed concept and as the pregnancy progresses, it’s becoming real. I can’t wait until we can both feel the baby move (I might have felt a bit of rippling movements last night) because that will increase the reality even more!


One thought on “Husband Has Found The Humor In My Pregnancy

  1. I’m glad J is finding the humor! It’s so cool when the husbands start to realize that this is real! K had his epiphany about 2 weeks ago when he noticed me putting on maternity clothes. He just kind of stared and then asked when I started getting fat. I love that man!

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