Pregnant Sex

Hopefully I’m not alone in that I was completely asexual for the latter half of my first trimester, once I started experiencing fatigue and nausea. Sex was the last thing on my mind, except when I felt guilty that I was so unappealing to J (or so I assume – nothing says sexy like a belching, farting, bloated, exhausted, nauseous wife).

Now that I’m in my second trimester, we finally broke our sexual hiatus. I had heard that sex is different while pregnant. Some positions are uncomfortable and sensations are more intense. Both of those are true. I do not like having any pressure on my stomach, but the rest of it was intense! In a good way :)


One thought on “Pregnant Sex

  1. We had sex once during the first trimester and I was too worried to enjoy it. A week ago we had sex again and it was good. Really good. :)

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