A Million Little Mistakes (Book Title, Not My Life)

When I went to Mexico, I brought along my kindle. I didn’t read as much as I normally do on vacation, since we were surrounded by friends and much more socializing took place. I started a new book while I was there though, A Million Little Mistakes by Heather McElhatton. I had previously read her book, Pretty Little Mistakes, during a different Mexico trip. Both of these books are adult (specifically, for women) “choose your own adventure” books. Remember those from when you were a kid? Well, I thought it was a fun idea and it would make a light beach read. I enjoyed Pretty Little Mistakes, even though it’s far from a literary gem. I didn’t really enjoy A Million Little Mistakes. I guess one totally vapid, often ludicrous choose your own adventure book was enough for my adult lifetime. Maybe it’s my imagination, but the scenarios in A Million Little Mistakes seemed much crazier too. For example, in one storyline, I was raped by a chimpanzee. I find that tasteless and disturbing. However, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to finish reading every possible outcome and storyline. It took me forever since this was during my first trimester and I was so tired. It was also difficult to get through it because there wasn’t a cohesive storyline with characters you care about, so there wasn’t the drive to find out what happens next. Instead, it felt never ending! But finally, it ended and I have moved on to another “fluff” read, but at least it’s proving more enjoyable. I’ll blog about that one once I’ve finished it.


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