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These days things are only official when they are facebook official (said in a somewhat sarcastic tone). In all seriousness, I do plan on announcing my pregnancy on facebook because I am so happy and excited and I want to share that with my friends and acquaintances. In the time between when I got worried about the possibility of infertility and my BFP, I started to dread facebook announcements.  I was happy for others but my heart broke for myself. It seemed like everyone else got pregnant so easily. Most of them probably did. But if someone had taken awhile, or needed treatment, it would have been comforting for me to know. It wouldn’t have felt like everyone but me gets pregnant at the drop of a hat.

Now that it’s almost time for my own facebook announcement, I wonder whether to acknowledge our struggle or not. Here’s my thought process:

  •  If I mention infertility, others who are dealing with the same thing will know it’s not so easy for everyone.
  • However, it may “taint” the announcement by mentioning something that was very difficult when the focus should be on something amazing.
  • If I do mention infertility, how do I do it? “After a struggle, I’m thrilled to announce . . . “, “We weren’t sure it was going to happen, especially on our own, but it did.”, “It wasn’t easy getting here, but I’m so happy to say . . . “

I want to acknowledge and honor my experience, but I also want to focus on the positive. I think J would favor not mentioning it. He’s surprisingly open in conversation, but I think he might feel that it would take away from the joy of the announcement (of course I could just ask him, but I haven’t). What do you think?



6 thoughts on “Facebook Announcement

  1. What about “After a longer than anticipated journey, we’re happy to announce…” ? Excited that you are at the point where you can share your good news. Congrats!

  2. That’s a tough one, and such a personal choice! For me personally, I would want to at least imply that it was a journey, just to raise some awareness of infertility and give people hope who are struggling. I like the babymakingblog’s suggested wording. I also like your wording: “It wasn’t easy getting here, but I’m so happy to say…” I like both those choices because they’re short and sweet, and while they imply fertility issues, they leave the emphasis on the happy news.

    If you just want to focus on your pregnancy, though, that’s your every right, of course! You’re not obligated to share your private struggle with anyone. :)

  3. I’ve been thinking this very same thing over in my head as we prepare to go “Facebook public” as well. I’ve decided that I must mention (briefly) the struggle that we endured so that others will not only know they are not alone in their infertility, but so that everyone will know how very much wanted and loved this baby already is. So I say, go for it! Seriously, every infertile who reads it may just give a little sigh of relief with hearing that it didn’t come so easily for you. My real problem is in that I also want to mention the baby we lost last year, as some sort of way to honor the child that never came to be, but I can’t decide if that’s too over-the-top or not. (It probably is, but in some ways, I don’t even care.) But you know what? I think probably both you and I are over-thinking this thing. Whatever either one of us choose to say will be good enough, as long as we can be satisfied with it ourselves. You know?

  4. This is totally a personal decision and you shouldn’t feel pressure to do either one. Personally, I asked my hubby to make sure he was comfortable talking about it and our loss. We’re both on the same page, so we’re very open about our journey. Our decision to be open is to comfort others that struggle to have children. I like the “after a longer than anticipated…” suggestion from the first post. : )

  5. Here was my announcement:
    After a very long road, R and I are so very excited to share that we are finally expecting a baby due Aug. 30th! We want to thank those who have supported us through these tough years. Our thoughts are always with those who are still waiting.
    Then I linked my pregnancy blog that sums up our story and has my bi-weekly belly photos and such. I was not open on FB about our struggles until I posted this. I have had four people come to me for advice and support since. I figure if there is any good to come from this, it will be that I can help others!

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