Getting Giddy

The pregnancy is getting more real and I am starting to feel more secure. I don’t want to become overconfident because I know things can happen at any point in a pregnancy, but I am starting to get quite excited. I also get nervous at times because I know it will be a massive change and I love my sleep. Excitement primarily wins out though and I have started to take further steps forward.

On Friday after work, I went to the mall to buy a birthday present for my cousin’s oldest daughter. She turns 9, which blows my mind. As I was at the mall, I decided to scope out some maternity clothes. I could probably make due with my stretchy pants and tummy sleeves, but I also figured that I’d definitely need maternity clothes soon anyway. So I walked into Thyme Maternity and asked if it was the right time to start looking. They encouraged me to try some pieces and said that their clothes are designed to last all three trimesters. They had a faux bump for me to try on as well, so I was able to see how they look now and how they will look toward the end of my pregnancy. I bought a pair of jeans, a pair of black dress pants (petite, so no hemming – yay!!), a cotton top, a short-sleeved cowl neck sweater, and a cardigan. I also bought two pairs of leggings from Old Navy’s minimal maternity section.

On Saturday, a friend and I went to the Bump, Baby, & Kid show. It was a trade show where various maternity, baby, and young children’s services and businesses set up tables with brochures and products. They offered deals, information, and opportunities for great prizes. I wasn’t sure how comfortable I’d feel since I’ve been resistant to buying baby things so far (I almost bought a sleeper at Costco last weekend but chickened out). It was fun though! I amassed lots of, hopefully, useful information and I bought a some cute gender neutral onesies and sleepers.

Today really drove the excitement of this pregnancy home and I could not stop grinning. I had my second prenatal appointment. I expected it to be uneventful – just checking my weight and blood pressure, etc. But then my doctor pulled out the doppler. She said that 10 weeks is kind of hit and miss in terms of finding a heartbeat with the doppler, but she would try. It took awhile and I got worried that she wouldn’t find one. I knew that didn’t mean there was a problem, but I would worry. However, she finally found the heartbeat and it is a healthy 170 beats per minute. It took me a few seconds to really take in the significance of the womp, womp, womp. It was truly amazing. I started to tear up as I drove back to work and felt so elated. I also felt so proud to be Jujube’s mom. Unfortunately, J wasn’t at my appointment because we thought it would be a very perfunctory one. I know he was disappointed that he missed out on hearing the heartbeat, but hopefully he’ll come to the next one and get to experience the wonder of it too.


8 thoughts on “Getting Giddy

  1. The heartbeat is a beautiful thing to hear. I’m glad the doctor was able to find it! We heard the Turkey’s heartbeat today and it still gets me every time. How far along are you? I’m 10 weeks today!

  2. So glad you’re able to embrace those moments of giddiness. And congrats on hearing one of the most beautiful sounds in the world — second only to hearing your baby’s first cry!

  3. Hearing the heartbeat is such a wonderful thing. I never get tired of hearing that lovely little sound! So excited for you! :-)

  4. How amazing to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler! I read that once that happens, you can basically relax because chances of a successful pregnancy are very, very high. So go for all that maternity shopping!

    My pants are getting a bit tight, too, but for me I think it’s just bloat and digestive issues. =)

    • Oh I am pretty sure that it’s bloat for me too, but I am more comfortable and I’m going to need them eventually anyway so I got an early start.

      When we first detected the heartbeat on ultrasound I found this: and knowing that there’s still a healthy heartbeat at 10 weeks makes me feel reassured. It’s basically the same risk as after 12 weeks now.

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