Feeling like a Bad Wife

Let me start by saying that J has been really supportive, but I feel somewhat guilty. Not pathologically guilty, beating myself up for it or anything. I feel like I am just “blah” and no fun. When J comes home, he asks me how my day was or how I’m feeling and I almost always say that I’m nauseous or exhausted or both. I know this is normal and it will likely pass in a few weeks, but I feel bad because I don’t have the energy to put a huge smile on my face, joke around, and be fun. I am thrilled about the pregnancy and all the symptoms are completely worth it, especially since mine aren’t as bad as I’ve heard from others, but I do look forward to feeling better. For myself and for J. I also hope that I’m up for some “sexy time” sometime soon since it’s not exactly on my radar right now and I don’t think my constant burping, farting, and grimacing are a turn on for J.


4 thoughts on “Feeling like a Bad Wife

  1. Oh girlfriend, you’re not alone! I’m finally starting to feel a little like myself now that I’m in my 2nd tri, but I have been a lazy, sleepy wife for the last two months or so. We’ve had breakfast cereal for dinner more times than I can count because I just haven’t felt up to cooking. But know that it will pass and, if your hubs is anything like mine, he completely understands and takes it all in stride. No guilt necessary! You’re the one carrying the baby after all. :)

    • Oh yeah, I’ve apologized for my lack of energy and sex appeal a couple times and he always says, it’s ok, you have a good reason, well you’re not feeling well, etc. Cooking is so hard when I feel nauseous, but when we first started living together, I made nice meals and J is type one diabetic so I have to make a good amount of carbs (but not too many) for him. So I still cook mainly meat and potatoes meals, but it’s so not appealing to me. Ketchup chips (only in Canada I think, too bad for the rest of the world!) are my go to snack.

  2. I felt that way, too! Good thing we have wonderful husbands who don’t mind us sleeping all the time! You will feel more like yourself soon!

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