Sharing the News

Both of our families now know that we’re expecting! We told my parents first because I already had their gift purchased, but it took some time to get the one for my in-laws. Several of our friends knew before our parents even did (partially because I wouldn’t have been able to keep lying or hiding it at an all-inclusive in Mexico!).

To tell my parents, we waited until we got back from Mexico because they were away when we found out and very soon after they got back, we left for our trip. Also, by telling them we were sending them something after our trip, I figured they might be less suspicious because they might think it was a souvenir. I told my mom that we picked something up for them and to FaceTime us before they opened it. My parents are new to the iPad and iPhone so they are loving FaceTime. They don’t need much invitation to use it. Once they got the package, we arranged a time to FaceTime and then we saw them open the gift. It was a onesie from Simple Wear on Etsy that said “Loved and Spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa _______”. My mom’s jaw dropped but then she seemed confused. She ended up calling later and she said she had been wondering if it was too good to be true. My dad gave us a thumbs up (he’s dorky like that)  and said he had guessed that we were going to announce a pregnancy. As an only child, this is my parents’ first grandchild and they are thrilled.

To tell J’s parents, I made a photobook on Shutterfly. I enjoy scrapbooking and Shutterfly has these really cool photobooks with more personalization options and they feel more like scrapbooks than just plopping some pictures into pre-decided spots. J has a bigger family as he has 2 siblings and they each have kids. So the scrapbook made more sense for his family than mine. It started out with pictures of each of the kids (i.e., J and his siblings) throughout the years, then pictures of the grandkids, then pictures of everyone together, and at the end it announced that there would be a new addition along with a picture of J and I and the due date. They got the book yesterday so we called them in the evening. Of course they are very happy for us too!

It feels good that the families know now! I can’t wait for it to be public knowledge because I suck at lying and hiding things.


2 thoughts on “Sharing the News

  1. Holy moly! I miss your blog for a few weeks, it has a new look and you are EXPECTING! I actually started clapping at my computer as I read it. What a miracle blessing to go from being on an IVF wait list to conceiving on your own! Very excited for you, keeping you, baby & hubby in my prayers.

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