On to the next one . . .

I finished Gone Girl last week. It’s different for sure, but compelling. It’s hard to root for either side, but I did find myself aligning with one character by the end of it. I think I picked sides based not on who I liked best, but on which character I hated less. I’ll say that the end was unsatisfying. It was an interesting approach, and I can appreciate it for that, but I wanted a specific outcome and didn’t get it. Overall, I enjoyed the book because I wanted to keep reading to find out the next piece of the puzzle and what would happen next.

I am now reading a book I can’t exactly tout as great literature, but it’s a light read and guilty pleasure. It only cost $3.51, which is pretty telling. It’s called The Wicked (book #3 in the Righteous series) by Michael Wallace. I found the series randomly during a search in the Kindle store. The books all revolve around polygamous cults (think Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints). I studied religious studies as my minor in university and I find secretive societies on the outside of the mainstream society (e.g., gangs, cults, organized crime) fascinating. I also like book series. Back in the day, I loved The Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, The Boxcar Children, and The Last Vampire. In recent years, it’s been Harry Potter, Twilight,  Hunger Games, and Shades of Grey. I love being able to get wrapped up in the characters and knowing there’s more to come. The Righteous books are a quick read and that’s what I was in the mood for right now.


2 thoughts on “On to the next one . . .

  1. I wasn’t happy with the Gone Girl ending either. It sucked. Thankfully, her other books are just as good but with much better endings! I’ll have to pick up The Wicked and give it a try. I like reading about cults!

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