Nominated for my 2nd Liebster Award

Awhile back I was nominated for a Liebster Award. At that time, I did a little hunting and saw that it is an award for up-and-coming bloggers with less than 30 followers. In the time since my first nomination, I have almost doubled the maximum number of followers (craaazy). Considering that the Liebster Award appears to be less of a formal award and more of a nod of appreciation from fellow bloggers, I don’t care too much about the rules. So I am touched that I was nominated a second time in this post Liebster Answers | Journal of a Subfertile. I will gladly answer the questions she posed, as I loved reading her own responses.

1.  What TV show, magazine, or book do you LOVE but would never tell anyone about?

Well I don’t keep much secret and I just posted about a “guilty pleasure” book series – The Righteous by Michael Wallace. Twilight would be a guilty pleasure too. I guess my real guilty pleasures that I will gladly fess up to are all the teen shows like The Lying Games, Switched At Birth, Degrassi, Vampire Diaries, and 90210 (but I am ready for it to be canceled!).

2. Do your friends or family know about your blog? Why or why not?

My mom knows I write a blog, but she doesn’t know the website. My husband has checked it out before, but he’s not an avid reader. Four of my close friends have told me that they regularly stay up-to-date with the posts (thank you girls!!!) and a few other friends have read some of it. I told the friends I did because I figured they would appreciate it for what it is and not judge me for it. I have been pleased that it has brought out their support even more. I have not told everyone because I think some people just wouldn’t understand and if too many people knew about it, I couldn’t be as open as I currently am.

3. Are you a morning person or a night person? What about your significant other?

I am an evening person. I am not a night owl and I love to sleep in. I am most productive though if I get up and get moving at a fairly early hour. J is a night owl on weekends, yet he is still up pretty early. We say he needs much less sleep than I do.

4. What’s your favorite piece of furniture?

Our zebra ottoman. We ordered it custom made because we wanted either a zebra area rug or ottoman.

5. What really gets you going in the morning?

Chatting with my coworker. I don’t drink coffee and I have cut back on diet coke, so talking is what helps wake me up.

6. Dogs, Cats, Neither, Both (Other)? Why?

I am allergic to cats and not that big a fan anyway. I like dogs, but I’ve never had one. Maybe someday. My fave would be a Boston Terrier I think. And I always said if I had a dog his name would be Hendrix.

7. All things happen for a reason. True or false? Explain.

I don’t think all things do. I don’t see the value in a child’s death or senseless crimes. Maybe they make you appreciate what you have more, but to me it’s not an acceptable reason. I remember someone telling my friend’s mom that everything happens for a reason when my friend’s brother (age 21) died. I would not be comforted by that, especially when the pain was so fresh. But I do catch myself thinking certain things may be fate, such as when I met J and the fact that he knew his career would be in Calgary, and meeting my friend Andree (who has type 1 diabetes) not too long before J was diagnosed with type 1. Sometimes I think that maybe we haven’t conceived yet because our baby isn’t ready for us yet. But that might be more of a defense mechanism than anything.

8. Best underrated movie of all time? Why?

Hmmmm . . . . I’ll just say Van Wilder since I watched it countless times during my undergrad! Also, The Little Princess with Shirley Temple. The part in the hospital makes me cry EVERY TIME!

9. What was the worst moment of your best vacation?

Well first I have to decide what my best vacation was . . . . I’ve had some great ones, both for the places seen and the people I was with. I think I’ll have to pick my honeymoon to the former Sandals Dunns River Villagio, which is now the Jewel Dunns River I believe. Even though it’s probably my 3rd favorite resort we’ve ever stayed at, it obviously holds major sentimental value. I’m going to say the worst moment was on our last night after my sunburn really set in and I think I had heat stroke. I had no energy and felt sick so I couldn’t fully enjoy our last night and putting a heavy backpack on my shoulders the next day was painful!

10. What is one thing you’ve learned about your significant other because you’re dealing (or have dealt) with infertility?

I’ve learned that he is really motivated to be a parent too, and not just driven by my desire or a sense that being a dad was inevitable someday or something he should do. I also learned that he can be my rock and that he loves me extremely deeply.

11. What do you find is the best way to destress after a tough day?

I wish I could say exercise or something healthy, but I park my butt on the couch and get lost in tv shows. It helps to veg out and get into others’ lives or story lines while putting my own issues temporarily aside.


4 thoughts on “Nominated for my 2nd Liebster Award

  1. Thanks for the replies! It’s good to learn more about you. Oops about renominating you! I think I also broke the rules by reusing Ria’s questions. ;)

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