A New Low?

J is a huge Jersey Shore fan. He’s nothing like the cast, but he loves it. I liked it, especially in the first season but I was happy that it ended. J loved watching Pauly D too and we both watched Snooki and Jwoww. Tonight we caught up on the 3 Snooki and Jwoww episodes we had PVR’d and I bawled like a baby when Snooki gave birth. I had a sort of tortured smile because it’s hard to really smile when you’re crying like that and I had a mix of vicarious elation and anguish going on. I was so moved, picturing that moment and what it meant for her and what it would mean to J and I if we can experience it. But I was also so sad because we may never experience that. Never before did I imagine Snooki moving me to tears.


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