A Friend of a Friend

One of my oldest friends knows about my fertility struggles and our IVF plans (with me you basically just have to know my name for me to tell you what’s up, so of course she knows!) and she told me that she is close with two people who have gone through IVF. She gave me the email address for one of those people and my friend’s friend and I talked on the phone this past Sunday. At first I didn’t know how I would start the conversation because I had so many questions but I didn’t want to come off like I was interrogating her. Luckily we quickly found a rhythm and the conversation flowed naturally. She lives in my hometown and went to a different clinic than I’ll be going to, but it was nice to be able to connect with someone who actually knows someone I know (made it more real and tangible if that makes sense). This woman originally sought out help with conception for MFI and tubal issues, but came to find out she’s a poor responder. Her cycle was cancelled but she had a gut feeling that she wanted to continue, so she spoke to her RE and he was game (someone other than her RE had been the one to cancel her). She only had 3 (maybe 4 ) eggs retrieved, two of which were mature. One embryo survived and turned into her son, who is now three months old. She encouraged me to trust my gut and advocate for what I want. She also told me a bit about the adoption process in New Brunswick and I have to say I am so glad I’m not facing adoption there because the wait is so long and it seems like bureaucracy really gets in the way. Our conversation ended quickly because she had company coming, but I felt better after talking to her. I had started to doubt that first time IVF success was even possible with DOR. It may not be the norm, but she’s proof that it can happen and even a cycle that looks hopeless can turn out to be the one.


One thought on “A Friend of a Friend

  1. People, and stories, like that can rightfully give a girl hope. Miracles can, and do, happen every day. Hang on to that! On the rough days, hopefully it will be enough to get you through.

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