When we first started TTC, I told too many people. I was too excited, and hopeful, so I couldn’t contain it. I also planned out how I would tell J, my parents, his parents, friends, etc. and I even started getting certain things ready. For both of these reasons, I said, “I hope I’m not jinxing myself.” On my way to work today, I caught myself thinking maybe I did. I know that’s ridiculous and whether I did those things or not we’d likely be in the same place now. I am a scientific, logical person for the most part, but I am guilty of being superstitious (knock on wood, make a wish at 11:11, don’t open an umbrella indoors, etc.). Some I hold true to more than others. J thinks I’m silly and told me I’m too smart for that kind of thinking, but I can’t help it. I broke a mirror a month or so ago too and started worrying that meant we wouldn’t have kids for 7 more years.With all these superstitions, I have never wanted to be wrong more!


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