TV Infertility

You know how when you buy a new car you start seeing that model everywhere? It was the same when J was diagnosed with diabetes. We see and hear stuff about diabetes (usually type 2 though) all the time. Now it seems like a lot of the movies and TV shows I watch have mentioned infertility (e.g., 90210, New Girl, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy). I wonder if it’s a coincidence or if it comes up a lot more than I ever realized before. Of course, they usually do a horrible job of capturing what it’s really like, so normally it annoys me more than providing comfort. But, if it can help make infertility more of a “mainstream” topic and less taboo, then I guess that helps. Unfortunately though, the ease with which the characters deal with their infertility issues may add to the notion that “just” doing IVF is as easy as an expensive trip to the grocery store.


4 thoughts on “TV Infertility

  1. I agree, i am thinking the same thing about how i am seeing it more and more on TV and i think its because i am more aware of the topic now that i ever was before. Previously i wouldn’t of thought twice about that story line. Now i am fully vested in them and then disappointed when it all resolve in two episodes.

  2. I’m still bitter about Kim kardashian… And I think Friends did it best, thanks to Courtney cox who had a very hard time staying pregnant

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