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Allow me to further my feminist agenda (a very distant second, and unintentional, focus of my blog), by linking to Once A Month’s recent post about the Hawkeye Effect. I checked out all the posts from the website they linked to, although I mainly just looked at the comics rather than reading everything. I am not a comic fan (I just watch the movies that have come out in recent years). I hadn’t even heard of Hawkeye until the Avengers movie. That said, I still found the website interesting, entertaining, and insightful. I think that the website is great for pointing out the absurdity of female figures and poses in comics. I was also introduced to a new term, “false equivalent“, when there was a discussion about how male comic figures also represent an unrealistic ideal of male physicality. The difference is that the male comic heroes are a fantasy of male power and “strong” female characters are a fantasy of female sexuality. The female characters are either nearly nude or basically wearing body paint (clothing does not clearly delineate each breast the way superheroines’ costumes do). And the amount of crotch shots and contortionist poses would be laughable if it didn’t point out the sad reality of women’s place in society.


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