Push Present

What are your thoughts on “push presents”? I just heard of this phenomenon last year from a friend and now I see that Tori Spelling got a jade ring as one. I personally think they are ridiculous. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s a present (all the ones I have heard of are extravagant) for pushing out the baby. Isn’t the baby the present???????????? I know it would be the best present I ever received, no jewelry needed.


10 thoughts on “Push Present

  1. I think it’s really gross and I shudder every time I hear the term… It reeks of materialism. I agree that the baby is the “present”. And I also find the term kind of crude.

  2. I saw that about her getting the ring yesterday. I’ve heard of push presents and think they’re a nice idea in the right context, a gesture by a husband for all the wife went through to have their baby… but I don’t think they have to be so crazy extravagant! It could be as simple as a card with a sweet message inside.

    They’re nice for a first time mom, but after the 4th, maybe its a bit much, haha.

    • Yeah I guess a nice gesture from the husband to recognize the extra effort of the wife is nice, but every time I hear of them the gifts are so extravagant or the wife requests them so it seems like it’s a reward for going through the “chore” of childbirth. Obviously it’s not easy, but I don’t feel like I’m owed anything for going through it (if I can ever be so lucky).

  3. I think giving something ostentatious and calling it a “push present” is a bit crass. I don’t object to a small token though, like a earrings with the new baby baby’s birthstone or something like that, to mark the occasion. One of my cousin’s babies was born just after Christmas and her husband got her a really nice mom/baby willow tree Christmas ornament and gave it her in the hospital, small and thoughtful.

  4. I joke with my hubby about getting my push present and he said the baby is your present…he is 100% right but I still like to joke lol

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