Dear Unformed Child

Some people write letters to their unborn child and I’ve decided to write a letter to a baby that hasn’t even been conceived.

Dear little nugget,

I love you even though you don’t yet exist. Your daddy and I are waiting for you and we try to be patient, but it is not easy. We already know that we have so much love in our hearts that we’re ready to give to you. We know we’re meant to meet you, but perhaps you aren’t ready for us. In order to meet you, one of millions of sperm needs to find its way to a particular egg of mine. Any other combination wouldn’t lead to you. And once we meet you I know we wouldn’t be able to imagine you being any different than you are. So we all need those perfect circumstances to happen so that we can all meet and be a family.

For the last 13 months we have been trying to create you. I got really worried that we wouldn’t get the chance. So I started taking vitamins, getting acupuncture, and researching everything all the time. Now we have met a doctor whose job it is to help us find you. I believe in him and I hope that he brings you to us quickly. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to bring you into our lives. I even find myself praying when I’m not sure that someone is listening. Sometimes I even hold my belly while talking to you, even though I know you aren’t there.

I know that we have a lot to provide you, but the most important is that we will love you and care for you with everything we have. You will be a part of us and we can’t wait to see what you’re like. I will keep on loving you and from the day I find out that you’re on your way, my love will only grow.


Your Mommy


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