Does anyone else enjoy teen dramas? They are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. I am a huge fan of shows on the CW, ABC Family, and Degrassi. One of the shows I watch, even though I can’t say it’s the best, is 90210. Has anyone else been watching that? If not, there is a character named Silver and she has the BRCA gene, which enhances someone’s chance of breast cancer. I forget the direct linkage, but for some reason as a result of discovering that she has the BRCA gene she has been told that if she wants kids she has to have them now (at about 20-22 years old). So she asked her best friend to donate sperm. I recognize that TV shows are often inaccurate, particularly about medical and scientific issues, but 90210’s approach to fertility issues makes me both laugh and shake my head. In one recent episode, Silver said that insemination wasn’t working so she was going to switch to IVF. First of all, she would have had time in the storyline to try one IUI (assuming she was ready for it right away) and there might not have even been enough time to know the results. Second, the show’s approach makes it sound like it’s a very quick process that happens as soon as you want it to. So she goes to talk to the doctor about IVF where she is told that the estrogen injections can cause side effects but these are rare . . . . hmm I have never had to inject hormones, but from the many blogs I read, I’d certainly say that side effects are the norm. What the show was really talking about were the symptoms of OHSS. Silver ends up developing OHSS, but have no fear, once she’s treated in hospital they immediately go in for the egg transfer and she has 2 lovely embryos waiting for her and she can “get pregnant whenever she’s ready”. I never really counted on 90210 to be my source for accurate infertility information, but the show makes it sound like it’s as easy as a pap smear. In and out, babe in arms. It’s too ridiculous to truly annoy me.


7 thoughts on “90210

    • It does strike a nerve for sure. If you watch New Girl there was talk of ovarian reserve recently. I also took issue with Glee’s approach to learning disabilities considering that’s my specialty. The way they went about diagnosing it was so inaccurate, but it’s TV and watching a full, accurate assessment would be boring. It’s just irksome. J is the same whenever they list coordinates on TV because apparently they are hardly ever accurate enough.

  1. I don’t watch 90210, but I LOVE Degrassi and Pretty Little Liars :) I also watch General Hospital and they have the most annoyingly inaccurate infertility storyline going on right now. In a matter of 1.5 cycles, they have gone from just starting TTC to using a surrogate. Insanity. I still love it though… ha!

      • Lulu is the Infertile and Maxie is the Surrogate (I mean really, that right there tells you how absurd the storyline is). I haven’t watched the Lying Game but my bff loves it… ha! Basically any show that is meant for pre-teens, I am guaranteed to love :)

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