Bring on Christmas

So for the first time in my adult life Christmas will not be a scramble. I normally get a head start on things only to find myself rushing at the last minute to finish up. This year I am basically done! I finished all my shopping last week and my wrapping this week. We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday and put out all the decorations. As of last night, the packages to family back east and Christmas cards have been mailed. I even baked one of the cookies on this year’s “to bake” list, Amish Butter Cookies (basically shortbread by a different name). Now it is just more baking, cleaning, and probably a new centerpiece for the kitchen table. :)


4 thoughts on “Bring on Christmas

  1. I’m so jealous! I have NOT been at all in the holiday spirit. No tree up (and it might not go up), no gifts wrapped, half of our gifts haven’t even been purchased yet, but I did get it together to send holiday cards.

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