This Cycle

No more OPKs this cycle and no BBT charting either. I have decided to go with an easier, free method – checking my cervix. About a month ago I finally discovered that my finger could reach and identify my cervix and I was able to notice changes in the position and hardness. Since I can do it anytime of day and for absolutely zero money, it seems like a stress-free option.

I had acupuncture yesterday and it was very relaxing. I fell asleep both on my back and my stomach (so 2 mini naps). I expressed my concerns about my CM or lack thereof. I was advised to drink more water (I definitely don’t drink enough!) and my TCM Dr. suggested FertileAid CM FertileCM. I had heard of it but I was nervous to take any pills without a doctor’s say so. My TCM Dr. has had other patients who used it and found it to work and she said there was nothing contraindicated in it as far as my other herbs and supplements go. I figure if I were to order it now I wouldn’t have it in time for this cycle though. So my plan is to ask my RE about it too (8 days!!!!) and then possibly order it.


10 thoughts on “This Cycle

  1. Can you come to my house and explain to me my cervix and what I should be feeling… I am feeling very John Mayer about it… my body is a wonderland… and I want to use my hands… but Im so confused!

    • I find the best way I can find it is if I’m sitting on the toilet. The first time I definitely found it it was quite low and hard. I read that when it’s hard it feels like the tip of your nose and when it’s soft it’s more like your lip. Once I found it and felt confident that I was actually poking my cervix, it was easier to find.

  2. I take the Fertile CM pills and they’re great! Highly recommend them! They’re different from FertilAid which can mess up your cycle if you’re regular.

    • Thanks for that. It’s the CM I’m worried about, not regularity. I think I’ll still wait to talk to my RE before taking them. I’m just a little worried since it’s over the internet rather than directly prescribed or recommended by a doctor. My TCM Dr. did recommend them but based on anecdotal evidence from patients who took it on their own accord.

      • If it’s more CM you want, then the Fertile CM pills are the right way to go. It has L-arginine and NAC in it as well as a few other natural things to increase mucus production. My doctor had heard of it and said it was okay for me to take. I’ve seen an increase in CM since taking them. I’m not swimming in it, but there’s definitely more.

      • The reviews seem generally good but a couple people reported that their cycles became messed up after taking it (although nothing in it should have done that). I guess that’s what makes me nervous. I just don’t want to make anything worse. Since I have my RE appt in a week, I’ll wait and ask him before ordering it.

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