This may be the longest I have gone without posting since I started my blog. I have had a bad head cold that zapped all my energy and cognitive functioning. J was sick first and he missed 3 days of work (when he gets a cold his blood sugars go high and make him feel extra bad). The next week I got it and I missed 1.5 days. Some of the afternoons I was actually at work were more or less a write off because I couldn’t concentrate or think straight, and my memory was totally shot! Three other people in my department at work all have this cold too and apparently it can last 3-4 weeks. I am feeling better than I was, but still stuffy headed.

In TTC land, nothing to report really. Just waiting. It’s CD26 today – pretty easy to remember your cycle day when you start on the first day of the month :) I had acupuncture yesterday, but it was hard to really enjoy it like I normally would. Generally I start to drift off while lying on my stomach, but this time I was more concerned with my dripping nose. We meet our RE again and get our test results in 15 days!

I am really nervous he’ll say he didn’t find anything and that we are “unexplained”. For people not dealing with infertility normal results may seem awesome, but when you’ve already been trying a year you’re still infertile, they just don’t know why. By extension, this means that they can’t narrow in on the ideal treatment and it’s more of a crap shoot. I’ll have a hard time accepting unexplained if that’s what we’re told though because I didn’t have a lap done so they can’t definitively rule out endometriosis. I’ll push for one I think, just to be sure.


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