This month I used First Response’s Unmistakable Yes/No Digital Ovulation Test. You have to start using it on CD5 and it remembers your personal LH levels so that it can detect a personal surge. This can be beneficial for those who may surge, but not to the cut off point of other tests. Of course, this kit was more expensive and I didn’t really realize what I was buying when I bought it (I saw 20 test sticks and thought I could start using it at any time). Once the digital reader reports YES+ it stops working, so if you have extra test strips they are useless unless you buy another kit and then you’d get 20 new sticks anyway.

Today is CD16 and I got a YES+! This means that I am likely to ovulate today or tomorrow. That means that if I have a 30 day cycle (which is often the case), I’m just about perfectly timed this month. If I have a 28 day cycle, which is becoming more common, it should still make for a good luteal phase (that’s a first!).

I’m not taking my BBT so I won’t be able to confirm the ovulation, but this seems like it’s an improvement from past cycles. Normally I wouldn’t get a positive OPK until day 18 or 19 (I think once it was day 17) and then my temp would rise on day 21, suggesting a CD20 ovulation. I have read about how OPKs aren’t always so accurate (although I do put more faith in this personalized one I just used) and how even BBT’s accuracy can vary by up to 3 days, but I am choosing to see this as a positive step. I am especially happy because 2 months ago I didn’t even get a positive OPK until CD20 and last month my chart was completely wonky and I wasn’t even sure if I ovulated.

The only kink in the mix is that J has been really sick all week so no BDing for us. However, he went to work today for the first and only time this week and last night he mentioned that we’ll need to start with “sexy time” again soon (meanwhile I’ve been internally stressing about whether we’d miss our opportunity this month). So I am hoping that with news of my positive OPK he’ll be up for some action, even if we have to do it Pretty Woman style (i.e., no kissing).


4 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. Hurrah for ovulating! My body likes to play games with me. It delays ovulation the minute I start paying attention to temperatures or peeing on the sticks. What’s even more annoying is that it seems to like to delay it when I’ve been maximising sexy time too. *Banging head*

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