I had my HSG this morning. I started the morning by waking up at 5:30 (as opposed to my usual 6:40 or 7:10) to take the Naproxen that was prescribed (it was supposed to be taken 2 hours before the procedure). There was some snow overnight and traffic can be a nightmare here, so I decided to leave extra early just in case. I got to the hospital in plenty of time and luckily had my kindle with me.

I was nervous about the pain and my stomach was cramping before the procedure since I get crampy when I’m nervous. The actual HSG wasn’t bad for me though. I know some people, one of J’s coworkers included, say it hurts like hell. For me, it was mildly uncomfortable. I felt the pressure of the speculum and then a little added pressure when I believe the catheter was going in and a tiny pinchy/pressure kind of discomfort as the dye was injected. It was a different RE from the clinic who did it and he was talking through his technique for a resident (different one than before). He said the trick was to put the dye in very slowly and he said he also shows the patients the screen so that they know what’s going on and it helps distract from the discomfort. I agreed that it worked and I was happy that he explained to me what was going on. He told me that my tubes are clear and my uterus looks normal.

On my way home I was cramping. Nothing horrible, but that was probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole thing. I am still mildly crampy and I wonder how it’ll be once the Naproxen wears off. I have ibuprofen at home though if I need it. I feel kind of guilty about taking the day off work (as suggested by the RE) because I probably could be working, but I only took 2 half days for sick days last year (none so far this year) and everyone else at my work has taken more sick time. So I’m hoping to just have a relaxing day and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the HSG ups our odds like it does for some women.


6 thoughts on “HSG

    • Yeah and probably some doctors rush the dye (which apparently makes it hurt worse). Plus some people take nothing beforehand. I had a prescription strength anti-inflammatory. And people experience things differently. I’m just glad it didn’t hurt for me.

  1. I’m glad it went well! I’ll be doing one next cycle, and I’m definitely a little anxious about it, so it’s nice to read that it wasn’t too bad for you.

  2. I really feel like the HCG helped our chances and I hope it does for you, too. I hope you had a really lovely time and took care of yourself yesterday afternoon!

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