Soap Box

I am a Canadian and did not have the right to vote in the American election. I also don’t know a whole heck of a lot about politics, whether they be Canadian or American. But I wanted to say that this election truly scared and affected me. All the misguided and dangerous comments about rape out of the mouths of republican representatives (“legitimate rape”, ” . . . some girls, they rape so easy”, “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it”- see Stupid Stork for more) and plans of reversing Roe v. Wade had me feeling scared for the future of North America. I recently learned that despite being roughly equal in terms of numbers, sociologists view women as a minority group. It’s sad, but it’s not wrong. If you think about minority groups as being singled out for unequal treatment, then women fit the bill. I have never identified as a member of a visible minority group when asked, but this election made me feel like one. I am a white woman from an upper middle class family in Canada. By all accounts I am privileged, but the words and actions of the Republican party have made me feel lesser than. They have reminded me that people, namely men, feel authorized to control my body, both physically and through policy. They made me feel small and inferior. Truthfully, they made me feel violated. Even though I couldn’t vote in the US election and our conservative Prime Minister isn’t exactly my favorite either, I’ll tell you one thing: regardless of any other issue, I could not and will never vote for someone who makes me feel this way.


5 thoughts on “Soap Box

  1. It was especially terrifying because of the Republican support of personhood laws that could make reproductive technology like IVF illegal. Some of the things the right wing tries to do makes my head explode..

    • Very good point, something I left out because I don’t know as much about that. Incredibly terrifying though. Like literally, can’t imagine anything worse than someone taking my right to do whatever I can to have a child away.

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