The Ball is Rolling

I just booked my HSG and pelvic ultrasound (with antral follicle count). The HSG will take place first thing Thursday morning. I was advised to take the rest of the day off because the cramping can make it hard to concentrate. The RE also gave me a prescription for an antibiotic since there’s a chance of infection when they pump something (dye in this case) into your system and a prescription-grade anti-inflammatory (I had asked about ibuprofen and the nurse said I could take that instead, but when I asked if the prescription was stronger and she said yes, the prescription was the hands down winner). I have to take 2 of the antibiotic a day before and then one a day for the next 4 days. I take the anti-inflammatory 2 hours before the HSG, which means that I have to take it at 5:30 am. The HSG involves sticking a catheter in through my cervix to flush dye through my uterus and fallopian tubes. Some say it is uncomfortable and some say it is down right painful. I am hoping that the meds do the trick and it’s not so bad. I’m also hoping that I enjoy the day off instead of writhing in pain. I have read numerous stories of women who get pregnant in the few months following the HSG so I would love it if I could be one of the lucky ones.

My pelvic ultrasound (which involves sticking an ultrasound wand into my vagina) is scheduled for the 13th. That one shouldn’t be painful, but probably a bit uncomfortable (I’ve seen it compared to a pap). During the ultrasound they will also be counting all my little follicles to find out more about my ovarian reserve (and probably to know how many follicles have matured by that point – it’ll be CD13, so I would hope there’d be some ready to pop).

Before I started TTC, I had talked to a couple of friends about trying to get pregnant and we all worried that we’d struggle. The two of them got pregnant very quickly and here I am struggling. Even though I always worried about it to some degree (since it is what I want most in the world and the thought of it not happening was and is so scary), I don’t think I ever truly expected to need to go down this path of doctors, acupuncturists, medications, surgical procedures, etc. Part of me is just now coming to terms with the fact that we might actually need “heavy duty” help and we might actually deplete our finances in trying to become parents. I have been hung up on fantasies of everything working out “fairly”, but sometimes shit happens to good people. Even though I was anxious and depressed thinking about all the possibilities and freaking out, I think it all seemed like worst case scenarios rather than where we might legitimately be headed. We still don’t know what kind of treatment we may need, but I am just starting to make peace with this reality.


11 thoughts on “The Ball is Rolling

  1. My pelvic ultrasound was a lot less uncomfortable than a pap. It mostly just felt like pressure. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping the HSG works its magic for you!

    • Good to hear. I don’t mind paps really. A bit of pressure, some minor discomfort at times.

      I have high hopes for the HSG but I understand that it’s not a given. Regardless, it’s one step closer.

  2. I had read all sorts of stuff about how painful HSGs are but mine really wasn’t bad at all…just a tiny bit of cramping. I agree about taking a pad or pantyliner though! As for the vaginal ultrasound, it’s no big deal, I’d say easier than a pap. Good luck!

  3. My HSG wasn’t that bad at all i took ibuprofen before and yeah there was some cramping during but once they were done with the imaging the cramping went away and i was good the rest of the day. I get a pelvic ultrasound every month and while it was uncomfortable because who really enjoys any pelvic examines, only one time did i feel any sort of discomfort and it was the “probe” had hit my cervix all wrong. good luck and i don’t think there is anything to fret over because it looks like you have done your research.

  4. I remember the feelings I had at this point. I was excited to finally get help, but it didn’t feel like my life. When I look back now, it is like the last year has been a dream and it isn’t my life. Good luck! The HSG was painful for me, but it only lasted a few seconds. Once he was done, I was 100% fine. No cramping after. I hope you are one who doesn’t find it painful at all!

    • Thanks! I am bit nervous, but also excited. I definitely feel like this past 6 months at least has been surreal and I’m in limbo until we get pregnant. Hopefully it happens and sooner than later. I hope the same for you!

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