Up All Night

This post is a bit outdated since I’m reflecting on episodes that happened quite awhile ago, but does anyone watch Up All Night? I find it pretty funny (although I liked last season better) and I can also relate to it, even though I don’t have a child. One episode that caused me to think, “Oh that is so us” involved the couple, Reagan and Chris, sitting in bed. One was reading and the other might have been watching tv or trying to fall asleep. Then one of them says something like, “Wanna have sex?” and the other kinda shrugs, turns over or puts down the book and says, “Ok.” As soon as they are done having sex they go right back to reading/sleeping/watching tv (sorry I’m fuzzy on the details). That has definitely been J and I. He prefers late at night, right before sleep. So usually he rolls over and is quickly snoring, whereas I lay there with my feet up on the headboard for 15-20 minutes. If we do it earlier, I still have to lay there with my feet up, but he sometimes goes back downstairs to watch tv (or turns the one in our bedroom back on, depending on whether he’s close to being ready for bed or not). Sometimes I ask him to hand me my kindle (best gift ever) so I can read while I wait.

A more recent episode had them turning off the tv during dinner and discovering they had nothing to talk about. Sometimes I feel like J and I are the same. I figure it’s normal. I mean we’ve been together 7 years and already know most everything about each other so it’s not like the early days when we’d talk for hours, trying to discover each other. Instead we give updates on our day and talk about what we’re watching on tv.

I like that I can relate to the show but then I think, wow are we already that old married couple? Then I think, wait, are the characters only like that ecause now they have the responsibilities and exhaustion of parenthood? Is it bad that we’re already like that without having any children?


6 thoughts on “Up All Night

  1. I love the show but Ty cant relate for some reason. MY FAVORITE episode is when they consider going out to a rave and getting all ready but realize that going out is alot of work and so they scrap it. I dont know if it was a full episode about that or not because Ty made me change it but I love it. I think its a great show and really true to life.

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