A little more about our RE appointment

I realized what it was that I didn’t completely like about the resident. She was really nice and friendly and I’m sure she knows what she’s talking about (so much as any doctor in their residency does), but she didn’t instill confidence. First she said the thing about “only” a year (to which I pointed out that by definition, a year of trying with no luck equals infertility) and she threw out the phrase “send you home and tell you to just keep trying” which had me freaked. She also looked like she’s a hipster (she wore majorly oversized thick black rimmed glasses). Finally, when speaking about the potential effects that diabetes can have on sperm, she referred to type 1 as “kinda an immune thing”. This bothered me because it sounded so wishy-washy and type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder (not kinda a thing). Sorry, needed to publicly vent that.

Also, I called my mom and updated her on our appointment. Then, in a rather cheeky tone and rather uncharacteristically, she told me to “enjoy trying”. From anyone else that would annoy me, but from my mom I found it hilarious.


6 thoughts on “A little more about our RE appointment

  1. I do want it to be our RE who gives us our results and outlines our treatment options/plan. So I will likely speak up if they ask about having a resident next time. I figure she’s pretty fresh into her residency (I could be wrong) and I had to do a residency to become a registered psychologist and my parents both had to do residencies in their specialties so I feel that it’s important to give residents a chance, but I’m not willing to compromise my experience with such an important issue.

  2. Seriously, I would ask never to see that RE impersonator again! The thing I liked best about where I went was that I always saw my RE (except for one hysteroscopy). She even did one of my D&Cs. I came to trust her. I think if they pulled the bait and switch on me that I would have gotten so frustrated! I would have been so mad if I went all the way there and had been treated in such a nonchalant way. You deserve so much better!!!

    • Thanks. I honestly understand the need to give residents the opportunity to work with patients and I was a little irritated, but in my opinion now harm done really. We’re still getting the appropriate tests and our actual RE met with us as well and had me feeling quite confident. He is going to treat us and I liked him so at the end of the day that’s what is most important to me. But it will mostly likely be a “no” to anymore requests for a resident.

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