RE Appointment #1

Today J and I went to meet our RE. We were kept waiting for awhile and I’m quite sure that J was getting impatient and stressing over how much work he had waiting for him back at the office. I was getting anxious just because I was dying to get some information.

A resident came in instead of our RE. I am all for helping residents gain experience, but I had expected her to come with the RE when we were asked if it was ok if she was involved in our appointment. She was perfectly nice, but I felt kind of brushed off by her. She said something like, “Well you’ve only been trying a year. But it’s good to get things checked out before we send you home and say just keep trying.” When the RE came in, he had a confident air about him and a take-charge kind of attitude. He seems willing to be as aggressive as we’re prepared to be, but also realizes that jumping straight to IVF may not be the most appropriate choice for us. He said that all my blood work and cycle history looks good (he said that O’ing on day 20 of a 28-30 cycle isn’t really a concern), but even if everything else comes back fine too, he’ll still treat us. He said that anovulatory, unexplained, and mild male factor can be the hardest to treat. With anovulatory you’re basically starting TTC at the beginning once you get ovulation happening (which can take a few cycles just to figure out what dosage will work). With unexplained and mild male factor, it opens a lot of treatment options so it can be more hit and miss. Regardless of our test results, I feel reassured that he is going to help and I think he’s confident in his ability to get us the baby we so desperately want. Also, he said that if we try IUI that he’ll know within 3 months if it’ll work or not, so if not, then we’d move on to something else. That was reassuring too since I have read that IUI success rates drastically drop off after the 3rd try. Apparently at 29, if we were to do IVF, we’d have a 60% chance of pregnancy each try. But, I see J’s point about not immediately dropping 16K if it’s not necessary. Dr. Min (the RE) also said that he often sees couples at the one year mark and it’s just a matter of bad luck/timing; sometimes, they just need another few months of trying (I’m ok with that, but I’m glad he’s not making us put things on hold just to see if that happens).

So here are the next steps: 1) J’s SA on Nov. 5th, 2) a HSG for me (to be booked once I am on CD1), 3) a pelvic ultrasound with antral follicle count, and 4) a follow-up appointment with Dr. Min to discuss our results and treatment options on Dec. 11 (6 weeks). I will be anxiously awaiting Dec. 11th.


5 thoughts on “RE Appointment #1

    • Yes I read about your husband’s lapse in judgment. I really hope the second sample proves much more positive for you guys. J is providing his sample at the clinic – they never provided a choice (travel within the city can easily take an hour so they probably don’t want to risk cool off).

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