Carter’s Commercial

Has anyone seen the (new?) Carter’s commercial? It’s narrated by a little girl who starts out as a baby and grows to preschool years. It ends by saying, “When a child is born, so is a mom.” I found the whole thing incredibly touching and almost teared up. I was hoping I could find it on youtube and post it, but no such luck.


11 thoughts on “Carter’s Commercial

  1. OMG I cry during every sappy commercial now. There is one for the Children’s Hospital and that makes me cry every time! Glad I am not alone here!

  2. I just saw it and wanted to post it to my facebook page. When I googeled it I first found your post but also found it on you tube. Here is the link.

  3. Where’s the dad? Why is blurry, then headless, then absent? At first, I thought the commercial was kind of cute until I saw it again (and again and again…) and realized dad gets totally left out! I’m pretty upset by this! I work as a parent educator and I’m constantly working to get dads involved in a positive and productive way in their child’s life. It’s not always easy, not because they don’t want to, but because they really don’t know how. They are left out of just about everything. Yes, there are parenting programs in many communities for dads. There’s the national fatherhood initiative. But how many dads actually know about this and how many are supported in seeking these out? Women, on average, get about 6 weeks maternity leave. In the military, men get 10 days (if they’re lucky and it doesn’t interfere with something “more important” like deployment or training). 10 DAYS! In the civilian world – I’m not sure, but I’m thinking it’s not very much. Every parenting magazine is geared towards women. Dads are made to look like idiots or jerks on TV.
    Perhaps it’s pregnancy hormones talking, but this commercial just sent me over the edge!

    • I agree that the media and society portray men as more absentee than hands-on and that’s what I grew up thinking was always the case in real life because my own father was more hands-off whereas my mom was fully involved. I definitely see your point. But I still feel moved by the commercial because it’s that dream of becoming a mom with the birth of my child that I want so badly.

      Here in Canada, maternity leave is up to 15 weeks and this applies to any biological mother, including surrogates. Then parental leave kicks in. This is another 35 weeks. Biological and adoptive parents can take this. Either parent can take the full amount or it can be split as seen fit between both parents. Generally, the mother takes the full 50 weeks and calls the whole thing maternity leave, but at least it leaves room for fathers to play a larger role.

      • That is an amazing amount of leave!! How fortunate!!
        I get why the commercial is so touching. I really do. I’m sure if it weren’t for my line of work and the uphill struggles we are facing not only in getting dads “involved” but convincing their command to allow that involvement, I probably would have gotten misty-eyed over the commercial as well. For so long, men have been seen as the bread-winners, the supporters, but not the nurturer or “hands-on” guy. If that’s the only role we put them in (we, meaning society/media), then that’s the role we can expect them to take. The other portrayal is the dead-beat, absent father. There are a few commercials out there that show dads doing actual fatherly stuff with their kids, and I love those! I probably need to find more of those and focus on the positive, huh? :-)

  4. OMG, just LOVE this commercial, and yes, it makes me cry EVERY time. It now makes me also think of the children and parents from the Newtown, CT school tragedy….. :(

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