Hmmmmm . . .

I have no sweet clue if I ovulated (or will ovulate) this month. Back when I started TTC I assumed I’d continue to have the perfect 28 day cycle I had while on birth control and I’d O like the average woman on CD14. There have been some months in recent times when I have had 28 day cycles, along with 29 and 30 day cycles. I have also had two 31 day cycles, one 33 day cycle, and the very first cycle off of BC was 35 days. Thirty day cycles have been the most common, but my average cycle length (excluding the 35 and 33 day cycles because they seem to have been flukes since I was just coming off BCP) is 29 days. So then I started assuming that I would O around CD16. However, in May, when I started temping, I discovered that my temp didn’t spike until CD21 and this was consistent for the 3 months that I temped. Last month I used OPKs but no BBT and I got a positive OPK on CD21. This month I screwed up the OPK thing and am relying on CM and BBT. My CM is scanty and a bit all over the place, so I put more faith in my BBT. This month I have seen no temperature spike. I am currently on CD 24 and I am wondering if it will be an anovulatory cycle. As far as I know, I have never had an anovulatory cycle so this worries me.

I was really stressed and upset this past week, which could have pushed my ovulation back (or stopped it completely). My acupuncturist said that sometimes energy gets blocked and she would unstick it. Talk of energies is not really my thing , but the idea that she could fix it had me pretty happy, so I put my faith in her. I am a bit concerned that acupuncture, or more likely the herbals I’m taking, could be having the reverse effect of what I was hoping though. My RE may have some answers as well. If he tells me to stop taking the herbals, I will at once.

With my period looming around the corner, I am doubtful that ovulation will take place this month, but if it does then I am suspicious of the quality of the egg. I also wonder if that means I’ll have a long cycle in general (considering that luteal phases are generally stable, give or take a few days). If I’m anovulatory, will I even get my period? So many questions, so few answers . . . . story of TTC!


5 thoughts on “Hmmmmm . . .

  1. Well, as the QUEEN of anovulatory cycles, I understand your concerns here so well. If you don’t ovulate, there is a chance you may NOT get your period. Which sucks, I know. It could be possible, though, that you will just ovulate very late, for any number of reasons (stress, illness, or just a fluke). Or it could be something else. I hope your RE can provide some answers. Hang in there!

    • Thanks. I am so glad that I`ll be meeting the RE soon so at least if I`m anovulatory I have hope that he can help. It would jut be so weird/unexpected to me since all signs for the last 13 months point to ovulation . . . . who knows though, things change.

  2. While luteal phases are generally stable, that is not an absolute. Luteal phase disorder can be (but isn’t always) characterized by a shortened luteal phase.

    Hope you get some answers soon.

    • I seem to only have a 8-10 day luteal phase. What would other signs of a luteal phase defect be? From my research it seems like the predominant medical view is that luteal phase defect doesn’t actually exist and a short luteal phase is really a sign of a weak follicular phase (which fits with the TCM diagnosis I was given as well).

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