Letter to My Future Self

I was helping to develop a new program for girls with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities with a focus on empowerment and self-esteem. One of the activities for the program is going to be to write a letter to your future self. I was trying to make up a worksheet that provides some structure, as it may be hard for the girls to think abstractly of the future and/or to just start writing. In doing so, I came across this website (www.futureme.org) where you can actually write an email to yourself and select when you want it sent to you. I decided to write one and I selected 5 years from now as the send date. I tried to copy and paste what I wrote so I could post it here, but I seem to have missed some of the beginning. Here’s what I managed to save (with J’s full name edited):

You’re about to see the RE for the first time and I hope that he has definite answers and a really great plan for you. I know you’re scared that even with his help and all the tests in the world that this will be an ongoing struggle, one that might not end for years and that might end in even more heartbreak. I know that you’ll be a great mom, and someday you’ll get there, but you’re scared that you might shatter into pieces in the meantime. Trust in your ability to pick up the pieces and rebuild. You’re strong. You’re even strong in your weakness because you allow yourself to feel so deeply and to recognize when you are broken. Then you look for the next thing to try and are determined to push on. You have the strength to withstand whatever treatment is in your future, whatever path you need to take in order to become a mother. I hope that you’re no longer wondering when you’ll get to be a mother, but instead hugging a child or two goodnight each night. I hope that you and J have come out stronger in the end and that he realizes all you’ve been through. I hope that you learn how to get the support from him that you need without turning into a sobbing, nagging mess and that he learns to be less defensive and more open. I hope that you’re happy.


3 thoughts on “Letter to My Future Self

  1. What a neat idea! I think I may need to go write one to myself as well. I just read your earlier post about you and J dealing with the infertility stuff differently and just wanted to say that you two sound EXACTLY like T and I. It took him FOREVER to book his first SA! He felt that I was just worrying too much about this and that it would “happen when it happened”. Once we had seen the RE and the RE validated my feelings about the fact that we WERE actually dealing with infertility here, it got so much better. He just needed to hear it from a professional. We took longer to get our acts together to actually see an RE (that is the one think I regret most about this whole journey) so I’m glad for you that you are going closer to the 1 year mark. I hope you get some answers at your appointment next week!

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