One Week

One week from today at 1:20 pm Mountain Time we will be at the RE’s office for our very first appointment. One week. I can’t believe the it is finally so close. I know we could still have a long road ahead of us, but this is a door opening. We won’t get all the answers next Tuesday, I know, but it’s the beginning of what will hopefully be a very good thing. I hope the doctor re-affirms that we should be there and it’s not just because I’m being overly neurotic (for J’s sake – I need him to know that it’s not too early for us to be pursuing this and I think it would help if it came from a third party).

From everything I have read and heard about our RE, he’s very good. His name is Dr. Jason Min and he has the highest rating (4.8/5) of any RE in Calgary on (I know that my doctor parents would cringe because they hate Rate My MD, even though they aren’t even on it) and a friend’s RE in Ottawa previously worked with him and said I should request him. We just so happened to get assigned to his caseload, so it was a lucky chance. Dr. Min reportedly has a great, thorough bedside manner and one of his specialties is quality assurance in ART. So I am sure that he will only recommend what he thinks truly has a good shot of working rather than just throwing a dart and hoping it sticks. I really hope that our session leaves me feeling confident going forward.


9 thoughts on “One Week

  1. Good luck with your first RE appointment. I’ve never had one ask me why I was there so I’m sure you will feel validated. I hope he gives you some good ideas moving forward!

  2. So glad you have an appointment! It is so calming to feel like you have a real plan, even if it’s just the start of one. I hope all goes well!

  3. hello from ICLW! DH and I are in the same spot of discussing further plans of attack, but we’re opposite (he thinks we should go NOW, I’m on the “let’s wait team” – with a loss in May, our “clock” reset, something he doesn’t understand) – I hope you get answers and can move forward quickly!

  4. So glad you re taking the first step! I hope the RE makies you feel better and gets you on the path to more testing. This part sucks, but once you have a plan you’ll feel better!

  5. Mine told me what all would potentially work for us and the steps we could take but if we ever wanted to skip a step we could she actually said “If you are wanting a baby yesterday in a blanket with a bow we can start ivf now” or we can try timed and IUI first lol

    • Was this before you had even had an hsg and any other testing? I have no diagnosis yet and neither does J. I definitely want a baby yesterday but I doubt j will want to jump straight to ivf if we have other options. At the moment my rule is 3 cycles per treatment protocol because for clomid and iui I read that success rates greatly drop off after the 3rd try.

    • Thank you! I think it will be more of a Q & A session than a treatment planning session because we haven’t gone through all the testing yet. But I am still very happy to be getting the process started!

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