POAS Addiction and Other Money Suckers

Hello, my name is A and I’m a POAS* addict.

When J and I first started trying to conceive, he limited me to one pregnancy test per cycle . . . . haha, yeah right! I think his reasoning was because we could easily waste a lot of money on pregnancy tests, especially when I was using them when it was obvious that I wasn’t pregnant or every couple days leading up to my period. I agreed to one test per cycle and initially planned to follow that. We were at Costco and I saw a 4 pack of Clear Blue tests on for $20 so I bought it thinking that it would last me 4 months. I’m pretty sure it only lasted me 2-3 months. I have also bought several boxes of First Response Early Results tests (especially after reading that blue dye tests, like the Clear Blue Easy are more likely to give false positives), a box of Equate (Walmart brand) tests, and a “year’s worth” (i.e., 12) of cheap, supposedly super sensitive dip strips from www.early-pregnancy-tests.com. I would say I usually average 2 tests a month because I sometimes test a few days before AF because I can’t take it anymore and I usually test even when I get my period, just to make sure, especially if I plan to have a drink. It’s funny to think that I had never taken a pregnancy test before we started TTC and now I am so familiar with them.

In addition to pregnancy tests, I have peed on and dipped many an ovulation prediction test strip. I have probably bought 3-4 boxes of the First Response kits at $35 a box for 9 strips (usually lasts me 1-1.5 months a box). I also bought a bunch of cheapies from www.early-pregnancy-tests.com. This month, when I ran  out of the cheap ones, I decided to go digital since I wanted the result to be obvious, no more squinting and guessing about whether the test line was really as dark as the control line. I saw that there was a box of 7 Clear Blue digital tests for $55 ($5 off!) and then I saw that there was a box of 20 First response digital tests for $75 (also on sale I believe). I figured that the First Response tests were better value, so I sucked up my feelings about the cost and bought them. I REALLY had to pee when I got home and I normally test after work, so I ripped open the box and was about to use one when I read that these are a special kind of test and I must start on CD5. I’m on CD17 right now. So these tests are pointless until next month and I cannot justify rushing back out to spend another $35-55 on more tests. Luckily I am temping this month and will be able to confirm ovulation, so I will just stop testing this month (which means that all the tests I already took this month were a waste!).

I don’t even know how much I have spent on TTC so far. I know that J got an email from his insurance company today saying that my acupuncture was fully reimbursed (total claimed so far = $179.25 and total spent so far = $625.50), but my herbs weren’t (I didn’t expect them to be, but I figured there was no harm in trying).  I have spent approximately $330 on herbals/supplements. I have also been taking prenatal vitamins since June 2011, but luckily my health insurance covers it so I only pay $5 a month. And then I take Vitamin D, which is good for me anyway, but I’m mainly taking it because my doctor advised it once we started TTC (so that’s a little bit extra every few months). Furthermore, I ordered a couple boxes of Preseed at ~$15 US a pop (luckily I got it on sale and when they were offering free shipping, including to Canada).

I know that the total spent so far is NOTHING compared to the cost of all the other medications, IUIs, and rounds of IVF we may need and if this was all we had to spend, I’d consider us lucky. I am also extremely fortunate to live in Canada because all of the fertility testing and doctor visits are covered under our health care system. At the same time, beginning to add things up in my head is a bit shocking to process.

*pee on a stick


3 thoughts on “POAS Addiction and Other Money Suckers

  1. Hi from ICLW. I know what you mean — I became a crazy pee-stick addict. I also started with 3 CB digitals — thinking that would last 3 months. After that first month, I decided I couldn’t waste them and went for some internet cheapies. But then after my first BFP I kept POAS to see the lines darken! And did it again after the loss, probably even worse b/c I ended up using about 5 FRER’s as well. And I originally bought the digital OPK’s, which never worked for me. After my loss, I splurged on the CBFM — so much $$!! — and then never needed it. I figure the best way to assure a BFP is to spend lots of money for the next cycle! Hope that works for you. :-)

    • Haha yes I hope spending a superfluous amount of money is the trick! Previously I have held off on buying some stuff because I hoped I wouldn’t need it, but that always backfired. If I wasted that $75 it’ll be the best money ever spent :)

    • BTW I visited your site and saw that you’re a pediatrician. I am a school and applied child psychologist. Ironic that we work with children, obviously have a passion for helping children, but struggle to have our own. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Fingers crossed it won’t be too much longer for me.

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