My work has been undergoing major renovations/an expansion. Part of the expansion is a wellness center with all new exercise equipement. The center is open to students and staff. One of the interns offered a spin class today at lunch. I have wanted to try spinning, but my lack of gym membership and general aversion to exercise always stopped me. However, today, I gave in to curiosity and peer pressure. Luckily I had some workout clothes at the office (why I don’t know, considering that I haven’t really worked out in about a year and a half). The class only lasted 30 minutes because of our work schedules and I was thankful for that (although I plan to keep trying it). I probably pushed myself too hard considering that I have replaced exercise with fast food for most of my life (I joke that I look like Jabba the Hutt on the inside). I tend to be all or nothing with exercise though, which usually leaves me more or less immobile for a couple days following the first workout in awhile. So I expect to scream out whenever I try to raise or lower myself from a sitting position tomorrow (this should make for some interesting trips to the washroom). Hopefully I’m still limber enough tonight since it’s a BD night :)


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