Bra Intervention

Let me start off by saying that I do not have big boobs, at all. In fact, I have always considered my boobs to be too small. I started to develop at the age of 9 and quickly filled an A cup. By grade 7, I fit a 34B and that’s where I stopped. Or so I thought.

My bra intervention all started with a trip to La Senza (the Victoria’s Secret of Canada, although we have VS now too and VS now owns La Senza). I decided to try on some lingerie and new bras because my go to bras are boring, plain beige and black t-shirt bras (i.e., super smooth). However, I left feeling fat and gross as I saw fat spilling over the band of the bras I tried on. Instead of thinking I needed a bigger size, I just thought I was doomed to spilling over the sides. I figured I was better off sticking with my “well-loved” (i.e., old!) bras since “they fit properly”. During this trip to La Senza, I got measured by a sales associate. I warned her that my bra had some padding, but she said she took that into consideration when measuring. She told me that I measured at 32D. I have been told several times that I am 32″ around, but all the 32 bras I have tried on gave me that “muffin top” effect. I looked at her like she was crazy and said that I have always been a 34B with room to spare. In fact the bra I wore into the store had “gappage”. She said I was definitely measuring at 32″ around and that maybe there was more padding in my bra than she had estimated. She said I must be a 32C which is the equivalent of a 34B, so I left happily secure in my belief that I was indeed a 34B.

Then I  visited a friend and she opened my eyes! She told me that she was now wearing a 32D, believe it or not. She had always been a bit chestier than me, but I was still shocked to hear her say “D”. I told her about my measurement experience and she said she bet I really was a 32D. I insisted that I was too small-breasted to be a 32D and she said a D isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you’re only 32″ around. I told her about my comfy bras with room to spare and she asked how long I had them. They are several years old and she said that you’re only supposed to wear a bra for about a year. She also tugged on the strap and said that the bra was providing NO support. As someone who considered myself to be too small-chested, I didn’t really think about bras as providing support so much as extra bulk (I wouldn’t think of wearing a bra that doesn’t at least have a bit of thicker cotton to it, and I prefer a bit of padding). She then said that I must try one of her 32D bras on. Low and behold it fit! No gaps or anything. It even provided good lift and cleavage. I was still in disbelief though and figured it must be some fluke bra of hers. She insisted that I was a 32D and that most women are wearing the wrong size and/or out of shape bras.

The other week, I decided to go bra shopping. I ended up trying a bunch on at Victoria’s Secret. I tried some 32Ds and the sister size, 34C. I thought that even though I measure at 32″ maybe it is too tight for my flab and I’d continue to spill over. It turns out that I was spilling over because of the wrong cup size, not because of the band width or just because I’ve gotten flabbier. I even preferred the 32D to the 34C and I purchased the prettiest bra (by far) that I have ever owned. It is a bandeau style with padded cups and removable/multi-way straps. It is white lace with black stitching and it has little crystals on it. It is so pretty that I want to walk around with no shirt on!

I still don’t completely believe that I can be a 32D. I wonder if bras have gone the way of vanity sizing in reverse (i.e., a lot of women wish they had larger boobs so let’s make bras smaller so that they have to go up a size and then they’ll think their boobs are bigger). J just laughed when I told him my bra was a 32D and anytime it gets brought up he replies sarcastically (Oh yeah, my wife is a “D” now). As unrealistic as it may seem, I can’t deny that my new bra fits, but I doubt anyone would believe me if they saw me naked!


2 thoughts on “Bra Intervention

  1. Most women are wearing the wrong size. If the center of your bra (between your boobs) isn’t touching your chest wall, then your cup size is larger than the bra you’re wearing.

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